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How to change your proxy voting arrangement

These steps are for you as an MP rather than your staff.

You can end the period for which you can vote by proxy early, change the Member acting as your proxy or vote in person for a specified period or on a specific item of business.


  1. You must write to the Speaker saying that you wish to revise your proxy voting arrangement by the end of the sitting day before the day or days on which you want the change to take effect. (Any period for which you suspend the proxy arrangement will count towards the maximum time the arrangement can apply.)
  2. The Speaker will publish the changes by issuing a certificate, which will appear in the Votes and Proceedings on the day it is issued. The certificate will show your name, the duration of the revised arrangement and the name of the Member you have chosen as your proxy.
  3. The revised arrangement will begin when the Speaker takes the Chair on the following sitting day after the certificate is issued. It will end when the House rises on the last sitting day you specify.

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