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What happens after your PMQ has been tabled

There are 15 questions on the Order Paper for Prime Minister’s questions. Because more MPs submit a question than there are slots available, a ballot (known as the 'shuffle') is run on a computer programme, soon after the deadline for tabling questions has passed. This decides which questions are to be asked and in which order.

If you are successful in the shuffle, you will receive an email and a notification on the online MemberHub. The list of MPs who have been successful in the shuffle is available in the Table Office from around 2.30pm on the day the shuffle takes place (usually the Thursday before Prime Minister’s questions, unless there is a recess). The results are also published on the Table Office intranet, and printed the following day in Future Day Orals, and then on the Order Paper, in the sequence in which they will be called in the Chamber.

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