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How to register for the proxy voting scheme

These steps are for you as an MP rather than your staff.


  1. Agree with any Member who is eligible to vote in divisions that they will be your proxy and cast your vote as and when instructed by you.
  2. Email providing the following:
    • The name of the Member who has agreed to be your proxy.
    • The date when you want your proxy voting period to start (and, in the case of parental leave, end). (It can last up to six months for the biological mother of a baby, or for the primary or single adopter of a baby or child, starting at or before the due date or adoption date; or up to two weeks for the biological father of a baby, the partner of the person giving birth or the second adopter of a baby of child). And:
    • in the case of parental leave, either:
      • a certificate of pregnancy from a registered practitioner, midwife or health visitor, or
      • a ‘matching certificate’ from a registered adoption agency.
    • in the case of proxy votes relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, an assurance that you are unable to attend at Westminster for medical or public health reasons related to the pandemic.
  3. The Speaker will issue a certificate, which will appear in the Votes and Proceedings on the day it is issued. The certificate will show your name, the duration of the arrangement (in the case of parental leave) and the name of the Member you have chosen as your proxy.
  4. The proxy arrangement will begin when the Speaker takes the Chair on the following sitting day after the certificate is issued.

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