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How to speak against a Ten-Minute Rule Bill in the Chamber

These steps are for you as an MP, because they take place in the Chamber, although you staff can help with step 1.


  1. Check the Future Business section of the Order Paper to see which day the bill you want to speak against is being considered.
  2. You don’t need to inform the Speaker that you intend to speak against the bill, but it’s helpful if you can.
  3. You should be in the Chamber from the start of the Ten-Minute Rule Bill and stay throughout.
  4. After the initial ten-minute speech from the MP in charge of the bill, stand up to indicate to the Speaker that you want to speak against the bill.
  5. If you are called, you can speak for up to ten minutes. You must speak against the bill and you shouldn’t take interventions.
  6. After you’ve finished speaking, the Speaker will put the question, at which point you can object by saying “No” and trigger a vote.