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Deferred divisions

For certain types of business, after the moment of interruption (the time at which the main business must usually finish—10pm on Monday, 7pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and 5pm on Thursday), any division is deferred until the following Wednesday.

On that Wednesday, the questions to be decided are listed on a pink ballot paper, which is available in the division lobbies. The ballot paper is also distributed with Wednesday's Vote Bundle, which you can get from the Vote Office.

You can vote in the No Lobby at any time between 11.30am and 2pm (with extra time if voting is interrupted by ordinary divisions). As well as recording your vote, you should sign your name and write it in block capitals.

You can’t hand in a ballot paper for another MP. You can’t try to record an abstention by ticking “Aye” and “No”. If you do this, you’ll be treated as if you hadn’t voted at all.

The Speaker announces the result in the Chamber, at a convenient moment.

Deferred divisions are most commonly used for motions on statutory instruments and on certain types of motion that can’t be amended. When a motion will be subject to a deferred division if it takes place after the moment of interruption, this will be noted on the Order Paper.

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