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How to add a name to an amendment

You can add your name to someone else’s amendment to show your support for it. You can also add another MP’s name (with their permission) to your own amendment. The process is the same.

You or your staff can complete these steps, but your staff will need to be registered with the Public Bill Office before they can complete them. Read how to register your staff with the Public Bill Office.


  1. Find the amendment to which you wish to add the name(s). An amendment paper is available on Bills before Parliament on Parliament’s website or from the Vote Office. If you are adding the names of other MPs to your own amendment, make sure you seek their permission.
  2. Submit the name(s). If you are adding more than one name, indicate the order in which you would like them to appear. There are four ways for you as an MP to submit the name(s): in person in the Public Bill Office or Table Office; by phoning the Public Bill Office on 3251 or Table Office on 3305; in hard copy (including by post), with your handwritten signature (photocopied, stamped or faxed signatures are not accepted); by email from a parliamentary email account (or another email account if you’ve agreed this in advance with the Public Bill Office). Once your staff have been registered with the Public Bill Office, there are two ways in which they can submit the name(s): in person in the Public Bill Office; by email from their parliamentary email account
  3. The Public Bill Office will confirm that the name(s) have been added.