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Documents for amendments

For a debate involving amendments, you need the:

  • bill (the latest version; if a bill is amended during committee stage, it is usually re-published, with the amendments included, for report stage).
  • amendment paper: sets out the text of the amendments, new clauses and new schedules in the order in which they relate to the bill, rather than in numerical order. This means that your amendment could be No. 1 (if it’s the first amendment to be tabled) but appear some way down the amendment paper (because it relates to a later part of the bill than other amendments that were submitted after yours). You can see an example of an amendment paper here.
  • selection list (sets out the amendment numbers the Chair has selected for debate, how the amendments have been grouped together and the order in which the groups will be debated). You can see an example of a selection list here.

All these documents will be published on Bills before Parliament (on the relevant Bill page) on Parliament’s website as soon as they are available and you can get printed copies from the Vote Office.

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