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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Find guidance on temporary procedures during the pandemic including voting, questions and statements. Members can find detailed guidance on participating virtually and voting on the Parliamentary intranet (please note: this link will only work if you have a parliamentary email account.)

Meeting times

The time the House starts sitting each day is fixed. The time it finishes can vary according to the business. There is a usual time (known as the moment of interruption) at which the main business finishes and the half-hour adjournment debate starts, and then a usual time at which the sitting itself finishes, but you can't assume that these times will always apply.

If you're not sure what time a particular day's business is likely to finish you can ask the Table Office for advice.

Day Start of sitting Usual time of adjournment debate Usual finish time
Monday 2.30pm 10pm 10.30pm
Tuesday 11.30am 7pm 7.30pm
Wednesday 11.30am 7pm 7.30pm
Thursday 9.30am 5pm 5.30pm
(Friday) 9.30am 2.30pm 3pm

The House usually meets at the times for a Monday sitting on the first day back after recess, whether this falls on a Monday or not.

Contact an expert

Contact an expert

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