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Rules on Private Members' Bills

The main aim of your bill must not be to create a new tax or increase Government spending, although if this happens as a secondary effect, it might be allowed. If your bill has any clauses in it that might have financial implications, those clauses may need to be authorised by a resolution of the House before committee stage. It’s best to get advice on this from the Public Bill Office.

Your bill can’t duplicate anything that has already been decided by the House of Commons in that session.

Your bill must keep to the scope that you have set out in the short and long title.

You can’t introduce a Presentation Bill or a Ten-Minute Rule Bill on behalf of another MP. You can only introduce your own bill.

The bill will be published before the second reading. You, and other MPs, can get a copy from the Vote Office. The bill will also be published on Bills before Parliament on Parliament’s website.

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Contact an expert

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