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The Government use oral or written statements to announce policy developments, provide updates, and respond to events.

Oral statements tend to be on significant policy changes and written statements tend to be on relatively routine matters.

You have an opportunity to question the minister after an oral statement. You must be present in the Chamber from the start of the statement. Once it’s finished, you stand in your place every time the minister sits down to show that you want to be called to ask a question.

Other statements include:

  • Select committee statements: The Chair of a select committee, or another committee member, can make a statement announcing the publication of a report or launch of an inquiry. You can ask questions about the statement.
  • Speaker’s statements: The Speaker can make a statement on any subject, including practical matters relating to House business or ceremonial occasions. There’s no opportunity to ask questions.
  • Personal statements: MPs can ask the Speaker to allow them to make a personal statement. These are usually related to conduct. There’s no opportunity to ask questions.

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